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Mobile apps have become a 'Buzz' word today. At present, mobile devices and apps are an indispensable medium to reach out to potential customers and build a strong business relation with them. Android, iPhone, BlackBerry etc. have certainly become the pioneer mobile app development platforms in the world of Smart phones. Inspite of the given speed of technological advancement in mobile industry, many businesses fail to leverage the core capabilities of different mobile development platforms, and that's where our proficiency comes into picture!


Augmented reality elements in a Mobile app combined with an excellent idea is a sure way to a successful project. Applications with augmented reality elements impress users and stay in their memory for long. Augmented Reality is an exciting technology that lets you create an enhanced version of the real world. In mobile apps, AR can be used for real-time image recognition, navigation, virtual tours of places, locating nearby deals, and more.

Mobile Game Development is different from conventional application development in the sense that it requires to bring together creativity, skill, imagination, technology and best user experience practices, especially over the mobile platform which is quickly becoming the preferred choice for gaming. We design games that are visually exciting, addictive in nature and have the potential to attract users. Games developed at CODE & PIXELS, display an underlying performance rich code backed by mobile friendly layout, making users want to interact more with the gaming ecosystem that we create.