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About Digital Teacher

About the software

Why Digital Education has become mandatory in schools nowadays?

The conventional ways of instruction have always left a huge gap in teaching-learning experience isolating the teacher from the students. A typical student may not properly comprehend and visualize what the teacher delivers in the classroom using words and static pictures without proper care about individual differences visualizing ability and the pace of learning. In this scenario, a weak student is left behind and feels neglected.

Digital teaching material supports self learning, self-paced learning in the students, increases the interest levels and the retention power of the students. Critical concepts are being developed and packaged using multimedia based digital solutions.

Our Digital Teacher software is an effective digital classroom solution developed as per Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Pattern

What is Digital Teacher?

  • Code and Pixels is offering an effective new teaching tool to the instructors at the school level. This is a more appropriate and authentic digital tool prepared according to the newly evolved State Govt. Curriculum Policy.
  • The product is an apt tool for teaching subject at school level using educational technology. It would drastically bring down the time and efforts spent by teacher in preparing the content and presenting it to the learners in the classroom.
  • It is a text independent e-learning material for learners, teachers and administrators who are in the field of administration.
  • It brings the whole world to your classroom with a single (finger) touch.
  • It adds more idea to your intelligent and excellent ideology.

How is it beneficial?

  • The product allows the teacher to instruct students in the subject in such a manner that learning takes place through seeing and hearing, lecture and demonstration method.
  • In this way, optimal delivery of learning experience can be ensured by the instructor.
  • Pause/Play buttons embedded in the product allow the teacher to use the product at his or her own pace.
  • Owing to its user-friendly features, school administrators can adopt this product as the standard teaching tool of the science subject in their institution.

To whom it is useful

  • The product will be useful to school teachers and students equally.
  • Students and teachers can use the content as self learning material also.
  • The unit plan document provided with the product not only serves as a planning tool for teachers, but also helps the administration in assessing the pace of syllabus completion.
  • The administrators can assure parents that their wards are being given quality education using the latest technology.
  • This product can be used straightaway by the faculty without any prior training.
  • It can also be used as effective self learning material in the teaching and learning process.


  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physical Science
  4. Biology
  5. Social Studies

Features of the Product

  • The product presents a Unit Plan to the teachers which can either be adopted as it is or customized as per their needs in the planning stage of the instruction delivery.
  • A template of the Lesson Plan is provided to break the instructions of a unit at class-to-class level on the lines of the unit plan.
  • The pace of instruction delivery is placed in the hands of the teacher through the Overview section of the product which gives a bird’s eye view of the subject matter of a unit.
  • A typical unit is divided into Introduction, Instruction and Evaluation sections on the lines of standard teaching-learning process.
  • The content under Introduction section is divided into three sections, which helps the teacher to recall the previous knowledge, developing motivation and proper introduction of the subject.
  • The content under Instruction section is divided into several types, namely, the “Concept Model/Activity”, “Law/Principle”, “Theory/Lab Activity”, “Derivation/Numerical Problems” and “Uses/Applications”, based on the nature of the science subjects.
  • Concepts and processes presented using animation and procedures are shown using Simulations requiring intervention through a simple navigation system.
  • At the completion of the syllabus, important instructions are presented in a nutshell for the recapitulation of the learners in the Summary section.
  • Important Keywords are listed with links to the slides where the corresponding concept is covered in detail.
  • The Reference section provides links to rich multimedia resources available on the internet for the teacher to explore further on the subject.
  • It is essential that the students remain mentally in touch with the subject matter taught in the classroom even after they leave the learning environment. For this reason, suggestions to the teachers on homework and project assignment for their students are provided under Follow-up Work section.
  • The third aspect of teaching-learning process is Evaluation. On the same lines, the third section of the product is Evaluation. Here, a sample unit test paper covering the entire instructed unit is presented for the ease of the teacher and for mock assessment of the learner.
  • A Dash Board to manage learning activities/history of the user.
  • Bookmarking of the topics.
  • Drawing Skills Section imparts the required drawing skills to the student

Our Aim

Our aim is to make the teaching and learning process simple and joyful. We believe that teaching should make a student curious about the subject and we are confident that these digital training aids will be very much useful in achieving the objectives of Secondary Education in terms of providing knowledge, developing skills and changing the attitudes of the students towards continuous and lifelong learning.

Currently, this software is being used successfully in 7500+ Private and corporate schools across the state. Many renowned educators have appreciated the product. Digital Teacher is an outcome of technology, experience and knowledge. Proficient Subject Matter Experts were also involved in the development of the product. The product has been reviewed and vetted by the experts in the field.