Leadership Team

Our true strength lies in strong, talented and experience-rich team. We are supported with best people from e-learning industry.

G.Madhusudhan - (Director)

(MSc (Physics), M Phil (Education), Diploma in Educational Vocational Guidance, Diploma in Education Planning and Administration)

Eminent Educationist and Sussex University (UK) certified professional in Curriculum Development, Mr. G.Madhusudhan has strong passion towards training and education. He believes that huge gap is isolating trainer and trainee. E-learning is supposed to be a tool which should reduce this gap. But it is not happening so in many cases. According to him majority- e-learning projects failed miserably to reach the basic objective of the learning and are discarded. Incorrect audience analysis and wrong selection of technology makes any project inferior. Code and Pixels was started to address these issues.

He worked as a Professor in Audio Visual Education. He had also discharged duties as District Education Officer, Joint Director of Education etc. He also operates as chief advisor for many top education institutes.

Gopi Krishna - M.S. (CEO)

Gopi Krishna has over 18 years of experience in the field of Multimedia and Content Development. He developed content for various sectors which includes Defence, Insurance and Banking, Health and Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Aeronautics, Adult Education, Telecommunications, Signal Engineering, Rural Development and K-12. He executed more than 5000 hours of content for various clients.

He is very strong with various tools & technologies of e-learning domain. He designed developed and executed 150 + Content Development Life Cycles (CDLC) comprising 5000+ hours of Multimedia rich content for both SCORM and Non-SCORM projects.

S.M. Rehman - (ID Manager)

S.M Rehman leads the Instructional Designing team at Code and Pixels. He has over 16 years of professional experience. As an instructional designer, he has worked on 50+ projects of varying types, covering business, technical simulations, K-12, story–based learning, complex level-3 content. He is proficient in analyzing client requirements and content, defining instructional approaches and course structures, creating storyboards, and reviewing outputs.

S.MADAN - (Project Manager – Product Development)

Madan has 15 years of experience in content development and has a very strong Graphics background.

He is heading Product Development Team.

With a background in creative design, Madan is the magic behind the courseware and graphic designs. Skilled in taking difficult technical learning material and turning it into engaging and manageable e-learning modules for our users, he is passionate to make learning visuals eye appealing.

Raju Samudrala - (Project Manager – BFSI)

Raju samudrala has 12 years of experience in handling e-learning projects. He is handling clients of Banking and Financial services as well as insurance domain.

Raju’s contribution is remarkable in developing and converting Flash Based courses to HTML 5. He and his team adopted new technology very rapidly. Raju also possesses strong skills in Flash, ActionScript, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

He is instrumental in the successful delivery of every project and is obsessive about quality and deadlines.

G. SrinivasRao - (Client Relationship Manager)

He has over 16 years of experience in HR and General Administration. He handles HR related activities.

He also looks after the Digital Teacher product sales. He is working as Client relation manager for Digital Teacher Products. He is responsible to ensure that Digital teacher product clients receive at most value possible from our services and is also liable for developing new business opportunities.

S.K Feroz Babu - (Project Manager – Defense)

Feroz has 8 years of experience in e-learning domain. He handles all Defence projects. He has aeronautical engineering background and very strong in Instructional Designing. He leads the team of content development for defence activities.

Feroz has created more than 1000 e-Learning courses till date – which include WBTs, CBTs and simulations. His proficiency lies in providing learning solutions and is focused on effective learning.

He is a creative and an innovative leader with an ability to achieve consistent levels of standards in projects and personal performance.

B. Balraj - (Head – QC)

Balraj has 8 years of experience in Quality Checking and he heads the team of QC and LR (Quality Check and Language Review). He even looks after Digital Teacher software development activities i.e. School Management System, Online test Portal, Language lab etc.

He started his career as a graphic developer, and his brilliant acumen, made him reach to the position of Heading QC department. Very supportive to the Project Teams and checks the quality of the project from all aspects with an eagle eye.

D. Lavanya - (Manager – Instructional Designing)

She joined as a trainee Instructional designer and she groomed herself very fast and now she is leading a team of Instructional designers of Digital teacher product and also handles Instructional designing activities of number of projects.

She is passionate for high-quality education and learning. Lavanya strives to design courses that are creative, innovative, engaging and effective. All her work is underpinned by a solid and current knowledge of learning theory and a hunger for excellence in all that she does.

M.VinayKumar - (Project Manager – Universities)

Vinay is M tech graduate with 8 years of experience and comes with Instructional designing background. He handles all university related projects including MOOCs and SWAYAM Project which was launched by PM recently.

He has a passion for technology and figuring out how to use it effectively for delivering training content.

Vinay and his team are constantly evaluating new technology and industry trends to ensure continuous improvement.

He started as an Instructional designer, but quickly started directing and managing teams due to his mix of creativity and organizational skills.

V. Naresh - (Head – Hardware and Networking)

Naresh is ECE graduate and very strong in networking administration and server management.

Intellectual Property Security is main concern for any Software and content development company. He implemented very strong security related process in the company.

He is well versed in all information system hardware/software technologies and it includes server, workstation, office productivity, database, networking, security, confidentiality and informational risk management systems.

N. Vinay - (Team Lead)

Has 8 years of experience in Content development and handles team of HTML 5 Programmers. He and his team are involved in all content related projects / product development activities.

Equipped with masters in computer science, Vinay is a passionate designer who loves working on creative ways of improving core design functionalities that can add value to our end users.

N. Lokeshwari - (Lead Instructional designer )

She is CSE graduate and works for University projects and Digital teacher project as Instructional designer Lead. She contributed her services towards all the major projects that company has executed till date.

With a wide knowledge in different e-learning platforms and tools currently available she analyzes designs and creates pedagogical e-learning material for different clients. Lokeshwari is passionate about using her extensive instructional design and course development experience, to assist clients in achieving their e-learning goals, from inception to deployment.

Shravya - (Zonal sales Manager – Telangana)

Handles sales team of 40 + working in Telangana zone other than Hyderabad.

Srivani - ( Zonal sales Manager – Andhra Pradesh)

Handles sales team of 45 + working in Andhra Pradesh zone

Madhavi - ( Zonal sales Manager – Hyderabad)

Handles sales team of 25 + working in Hyderabad zone

These three girls have joined as customer support managers, and due to their brilliant intelligence, quickly rose to the position of Zonal Sales Managers.

They believe that their key to success is to develop trustworthy relationship with clients by being good listeners and effectively fixing client concerns.

They are managing around 5000 clients/schools and sales team of 100 + successfully.